I have worked for grassroots museums and cultural organizations at the executive level for 20+ years. Often, these organizations struggle mightily during leadership transitions when Executive Directors or Managers resign. Leadership gaps are stressful, and often Board members, usually the President, alongside staff and volunteers are left scrambling to pull the pieces together and "keep the ship afloat."   

I'm here to help during these difficult times. Following my lead, we will pull together an action plan with the ultimate goal of securing your next leader quickly and strategically.  At the same time, our action plan will deploy strategies to keep your stakeholders engaged during your time of transition. 

My process is down-to-earth, pragmatic, and keenly aware of the time and budgetary challenges facing your institution. Typically, we work together for about 3-4 months.

After our initial consult and my visit to your site, an action plan is drawn up tailored to your needs and circumstances. Here are several highlights you will see noted in the plan:

  • A specific timeframe for leadership recruitment and assistance with job postings and networking 

  • Search committee logistics and administrative tasks

  • Collaboration with board and staff on profiling which qualities and skills your next leader should possess 

  • Working with committees to keep membership and stakeholders engaged 

  • Cover letter and resume collation, review and input

  • Meeting coordination

  • Staff/volunteer coaching and programatic and technical assistance 

  • Strategic Direction workshop with Board & Staff 

If you would like to explore more or get started send me an email at museumcoach@jasondillari.com or see how to book my services below. I also explore  leadership insights particularly geared to smaller institutions on my blog and share conversations with colleagues via my chat podcasts. For a quick review of my qualifications click here


Jason, are you just a headhunter?

No, I am keenly aware of the administrative and managerial challenges facing smaller cultural institutions, especially when they are looking for their next leader. I am able to step in, quickly diagnosis the museum's needs, ofter tailored administrative and leadership support, and, at the same time, position the museum to "hand over the keys" to their next leader. 

Why secure your services rather than just handle the transition ourselves?

This is a great question and one very much informed by finances and the budget. First, consider the peace of mind your board and staff will have knowing that a trained museum professional, steeped with experience in smaller museums, will help steward your organization during this transition. Second, smooth transitions and successful leadership recruitment keep stakeholders and membership engaged. Transparency and engagement during this time is critical. Third, empower your next leader by providing a stable framework for action as soon as they step in. Think of my time as scaffolding. Your next leader should be able to hit the ground running without having to scramble and tie up innumerable loose ends or "falling debris."  

Aside from the site visit, being on site is critical is it not? How can you really help remotely? 

This boils down to logistics, personell coordination, communication and organizational efficiency. Granted, there may be a few more zoom meetings that anyone desires. Still, with the right kind of action plan and steady communication, most tasks can be completed virtually.  During our initial consult, we can begin to address these concerns and adjust our contract based on the specific circumstances facing your institution. There may be very real reasons to warrant my repeated visits to your institution, but we can cross that bridge...as they say.